Irvington Guesthouse

Location: Portland, Oregon

An 800 square foot guest house was designed for a client in the Irvington neighborhood. The new guest house respects the size, massing, scale and materials of the existing 1915 craftsman bungalow. However, simple, modern detailing gives the house a contemporary flavor and distinguishes it from its traditional neighbor.

The interior features an open kitchen, vaulted living and dining areas, bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms and laundry room. Built-in cabinetry helps make efficient use of every square foot.

Materials: natural cedar shingles, standing seam metal roof, clad windows, cedar trellises, slate flooring, rift oak cabinets, quartz countertops.

Features: triple glazed windows, exterior envelope insulated to double current code, radiant floor heating, rain water harvesting.